Message from Managing Director

Respected Guardians, dear Students and Well-wishers!

Setting a target of becoming a best destination for management stream students and producing better citizens for the society, our visionary management is always conscious of moulding our aspirant youths to meet excellence in academic, extra-curricular and behavioral performance. For the acquisition of these standards, our hospitable administration of Orient provides with homely and friendly environment where students can unleash their potentials to the fullest without any hesitation.

Besides, we have followed modern modalities in teaching-learning activities that contrast with conventional pattern. We aspire to expose our student’s hidden talents through a number of attempts. In this regard, one of the ways is organizing Orient Mr. & Ms. Pageant among the freshers, every year. In fact, we encourage our students to think outside the box breaking the fixed habits, assumptions and ways of seeing the world and its phenomena.

Extending a warm welcome to you all

Sushil Dahal
Managing Director