Message from Chairperson

Our esteemed Parents and dear Students!

Orient is an academic locus where differences are recognized and learners from all ethnic and cultural background are treated with respect and dignity. In more than a decade-long span of time, our orienteers have achieved not merely the best academic grades; they are spread in the arena of medical science, engineering, banking, bureaucracy, tourism, media and sports both in homeland and abroad. It has been possible because we have recognized and nurtured the multiple intelligences of our learners. Young aspirants crazy to nurturing their potentials and materializing their dreams need not be baffled by colorful and alluring advertisements. At Orient, amicable teachers with their academic passion leave no stone unturned to mould young learners in the form of versatile individuals containing holistic approach to life.

Start your journey from Orient to scale the acme of success and achievement.

Looking forward to welcoming you at Orient.

Nanda Raj Pokharel